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TLL Community,

With what seems like a continuous onslaught of rainstorms this season, we’ve been forced to postpone and reschedule a number of games to-date.  With that, we understand, comes frustration and complication for your personal schedules. Additionally, there is much confusion over the field closure process, as many times we are forced to cancel early in the day…only to have the weather turn beautiful later on, yet we still can’t play.

We wanted to take a moment to outline the field closure process and provide some helpful information:

Who makes the decision to close the fields?

Trumbull Little League does NOT decide whether fields are closed or open on a given day.  This is a decision made by the Town of Trumbull. We are at the mercy of the town’s decision and must abide by it.  

I drove by the fields and I they looked good to me. Why are they closed?

There are many factors involved in the decision to close fields. Even though there may not be visible water on the infield dirt, the outfield or infield grass may have standing water or be so wet that it would not be fun for the players. To get the fields ready heavy equipment is used on the fields. When the clay is very wet, the machines will sink into the clay and not be able to be used.

Why do other towns play games and we don't?

This is true sometimes.  It is also true within Trumbull. Sometimes we play and the High School doesn't. Other times the High School plays and we don't.  Also we do sometimes play when other towns don't. It all depends on the drainage on the specific field and where the heaviest downpours happened and at what time.

By what time will I know if a field is closed?

During weekdays, the decision is made no later than 3:00PM.  On weekends, it’s made by 7:30AM.

How do I find out if a field is closed?

The 3:00PM / 7:30AM decisions are posted to the Trumbull Parks and Rec Facility Status Site.  You can access this via our main TLL website page, under “FIELDS INFORMATION > TRUMBULL FIELDS STATUS.”

How do I use this site?

1.     Find your field by using the search or sorting by field.

2.     View the field status – which will say OPEN, CLOSED or PENDING

3.     Note the date/time:  You’ll see a timestamp next to each field – if the date is current and updated to today’s date, you can assume that the OPEN, CLOSED or PENDING is current and accurate

4.     OPEN = field is ready for play, CLOSED = field is not playable/game canceled, PENDING = crews are still evaluating/check back later

How can I be sure that a “closed” field means my child’s game is canceled?

If a field is closed, all games on that field are canceled for the day.  

Why can’t the town “reopen” a field later in the day?

Due to the work involved with getting a field ready for play and the variables involved in determining its condition, once a field is closed, there typically isn’t enough time to reopen it on the same day, especially during the week.  If it is possible to only cancel the first games on a weekend, we will attempt to do this. Variables include severity of current condition, weather forecast for the rest of the day, and how many fields need to be worked on.

Will I also hear from my son/daughter’s coach?

When possible, we will communicate field closures (and in turn, game cancellations) via our website, e-blast and to division commissioners.  Commissioners will let coaches know, who can communicate to you. Also, once games have been canceled in our system, you will receive a notification of a schedule change for your child’s team.  We can’t always guarantee this will happen in a timely manner, so please be sure to use the facility status website as much as possible.

We appreciate your time and patience as we continue to reschedule missed games due to the rain.  And we hope you found this information helpful and informative. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


Trumbull Little League

Board of Directors

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